Small Business – Print Ads


In the US, people read an average of thirty minutes worth of news a day. This reader supports various news outlets, such as newspapers, magazines and journals. Now, the United States has the largest readership around the world, and the largest number of newspapers, magazines and journals.

Clearly, a savvy business owner would do well to advertise in the print media. Some suggest that digital media is the modern option. Still, ignoring the print media in favor of strictly online advertising ignores the large circulation and great popularity of print media in the US

Consider using print media as part of a business marketing plan for the following reasons:

When an ad is published in the print media, it is more than simply to persuade readers to buy products or services. It provides the business owner with a way to generate powerful business model with the publication’s readership. This aspect of print advertising is actually more important than the obvious goal of increasing customer base.

Print ads work well because they appeal to the emotions of the reader. The effective commercial but the promise of improvements to the reader. This is accomplished through professional advertising design, including judicious use of color, layout, location and language.

Print marketing professionals have an edge in that they can access readership surveys. These surveys collect data on the issue of readers, and allows marketers to more specifically target the technology and methods are most likely to be effective. They may offer incentives such as discounts or specials, or they may be suggested for the consumer to use the product or service will make them cool or more modern.

Print ads also benefit from a well-focused on the audience. For example, a magazine containing articles and information of interest and benefit to young girls is going to be marketed to young girls. Business owners who have products and services are also marketed to teen girls would be wise to use this form for advertising.

Do not listen to the naysayers who suggest that the print media is obsolete. They are wrong. Print advertising is an excellent choice to power the targeted range of potential customers to buy your product or service.


Fast Food Advertising to children


Over 10 billion dollars is spent on fast food advertising to children annually in numerous fashions. The majority of these ads are for food and drink that is high in fat, sugar, calories, salt and low in nutrients. That’s not as much advertising itself as much as it is a technology used to entice our children to want their product. The most obvious media venue is commercial television. Marketing experts know how to get into the crib head and how to get the most wanted response. They know that children can and do influence their parents when it comes to buying food.

average children see over 40,000 ads a year, most are candies, cereals, toys and fast food. Fast food advertising to children is not only limited to fast food. If it’s fast and it’s food, it is fast food. Fair to say that fast food advertising is big business. In addition to trying to pull the children from television viewing is a daunting task especially since many kids have televisions in their bedrooms. The methods used for advertising within the norm for advertising. Companies spend money to get their product on what should be their target audience. In other words, you’d be hard pressed to find an ad about 60 minutes for Cocoa Krispies just as you’d be hard pressed to find an ad for Nickelodeon channel for TDWaterhouse.

Sneaky technology

Today’s children have more purchasing power, they are the consumers of tomorrow, and because they do influence their parents on buying it opens a whole new audience for marketers. Children are much more vocal than they used to be and they are not afraid to speak up when they want something. Advertisers call this Pester Power. I call it nagging. In other words, kids are not afraid to kick and scream to get their parents to buy something. Fast food advertising to children is all about Pester Power and marketers rely on children to nag their parents rather than the market to the parents directly. They know that marketing to children will net better results. Market break Pester Power down into 2 categories. Persistence nagging and nagging importance. Persistence nagging is begging repeatedly. Importance nagging, on the other hand, it is the market rely on. This is all about providing their children and the guilt that comes with not being sufficiently available for their children. There are many techniques that are used in fast food advertising to children, such as toys with meals and Monopoly game pieces. Fast food companies will argue that this is to offer a pleasant visit to their store for their parents, but in fact it is baiting children desire fast.

Internet and viral marketing

Fast food advertising to children is not only limited to television. Internet; that is efficient and viral marketing has also become advertising platforms. Internet marketers know how children use the Internet and how popular sites like MySpace and Facebook are. They also know that children love to click on links. If it says click here – they do. Many websites offer free ring tones and music downloads. To get the freebie e-mail address is required, and the cross promotion campaigns begin to create fast food advertising to children on e-mail marketing.

We can not stop fast food advertising to children, but we can control the television viewing time. Less time watching television and family could reduce pestering for fast and create a more nutritious and healthy family environment.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Mail


Features direct mail advertising are many. Direct mail offers both large and small businesses the ability to market their services or products to specific and defined markets at reasonable prices. Coupons or special offers you can offer client list of the company or potential client list. Also, mailing lists separated by many types of demographics can be purchased from a variety of sources. The cost of direct mail is a great choice as well. Compared to other media advertising price tag can be kept relatively low. In addition to low cost per copy, the total may be limited to the budget by reducing or increasing the number of mail. The price of individual messages can be kept low by ordering in bulk and reuse the same e-mail multiple mail. Lead design to production is the key to the success of direct mail as well. The process can be as short as 1 to 2 months, making time-sensitive opportunity to take advantage of before it goes. Direct mail can also be used to examine the current or potential niche in the market.

As before, the price is not as restrictive as other forms of advertising. Along with the ability to work on the “offer” to match clients and to isolate the various components of the nation, direct mail can provide invaluable data for planning further emails and other types of future marketing. The disadvantages direct mailings include the fact that many people see direct mail as spam. Also, there is no shortage of competition articles that come in the mail, so the ad can be easily overlooked or discarded. This fact makes the likelihood of a single mailing less likely. Longer more sustained campaign may be necessary to collect the desired results. Prices can be prohibitive as well. Although the cost may be an option, they could also become widespread, the more creative and extravagant mail. The balance between cost versus creation is an important part of the equation to start a successful direct mail advertising campaign.


Honesty in advertising


There is a famous story about a guy who was going broke even running an ad that said:

We are going to go bankrupt. We need to sell our gear because otherwise we will be out of business. Help!

There is another story in which bedding retailer put badges incorrectly on his bed, and said, “our space is a discount because of our logo was placed on the wrong way”

And these ads worked as gangbusters. Interestingly enough, I have used similar “integrity-based approach” with two of bedding retailer my clients, Dial bed in Queensland and Bedding Super Store in Perth. And they won.

What’s more, they would work for almost any retail trade.

So here’s the thing …

If you can not come up with an advertising concept.

If you can not come up with a clever idea.

If you’re stuck for creativity.

Just trying to be honest.

crisis is hurting our sales.

We need to get rid of our stock will receive new shares.

We are going to go broke if we do not use this stock.

Tell them the true story.

And while you’re at it, be honest to you, because people love to know the story and connect you to a human level. Tell them you’re struggling. Or why you got into the business in the first place. Or how much you want to make money so you can take the kids on vacation and that’s why you’re doing this crazy offer.

or whatever. And it will not just work for retailers …

If you are a hairdresser, tell them you have to paint the walls to freshen it up a bit … so you have to keep special to make it happen sooner rather than later.

If you are a martial arts teacher, tell everyone that you were bullied at school and that’s what motivated you to get into the industry.

if you Re mechanic, explain that you need to buy a new machine that can allow you to get work done faster, faster and better … and you are holding special to bring in new money.


The weird things is that when you are honest in your advertising, you’re also often very original, because no one else is doing it.

Zig when everyone else is zagging. That’s the key.


Advertising on older


Advertisements older is not only profitable for your business, but can also provide a growing customer base in the coming years. Since this large demographic older consumers continues to grow, establish your company as a leader in your field, will bring numerous consumers door. Seniors are a large group who grew up at a time when the company prided itself on its quality and service. Now times have changed slightly and it is safe to say that the quality and service, although still considered important to have seen better days. Make sure that you offer the best in those two categories and your already ahead of the pack.

The Internet is gaining wide spread popularity within this demographic, allowing for a new way of advertising to seniors. In fact, in the coming years, online advertising will be the dominant form used by companies worldwide. Still, many have yet to see the importance of online advertising when looking to reach the senior market, this group has only recently begun to show its presence. The shift to online advertising is actually quite new but imminent and Boomers with numerous computer skills have started to make the transition into older life. With the widespread use of computers and the Internet in the workplace, many hovering around retirement age recognized what a useful tool it provides.

Another way to get your company recognized to visit different events for seniors in your community. A hands on approach, it is possible to get to meet and talk with not only your target market, but people like you trying to do the same! This allows for the introduction of products or services you provide and also can form a connection bridge between other companies can take over to you and visa versa. Look sponsorship of these events and see how you can help, show interest and connect with your target market goes a long way.

Something to consider is the niche business falls. How people find senior housing? Is it different from those that look out over the activities? The answer is yes, of course it does. Those who seek out care and senior housing will most likely looking in directories and online for every place near them. While older looking activities and groups to participate will likely turn to a local newspaper, church or community center. It depends on what you have to offer, your ads should be placed accordingly. Do a little research and find places that you think is best for you to mention that appear, the more specific you are the better your returns will be for investment.

With senior market growing throughout the United States and Canada, it has become increasingly important for business owners to invest in targeted advertising that is aimed at older separately. There are many different ways to advertise your business, it is important to remember that one well-placed ad can go much further than ten ads with bad location. Seniors are a large consumer group and still growing today, with interests that are different from those of the younger generations is important to promote properly to achieve the desired results. Surprisingly, the Internet is now becoming increasingly popular in the 65+ age group Boomers move into their senior years, has a lot of knowledge of computers and how to operate them.


Benefits of Billboard Advertising


Billboards are very popular these days. Lots of lots of companies that rely on them for their advertising campaigns. TV stations, telecommunication companies, even politicians use them often. You see now that billboards are one of the advertising media that are rapidly selected by the advertising world population.

you can accurately say that billboards are truly beneficial to many. Why else would they choose to use billboards instead of using other forms of advertising like television, radio, magazines and newspapers? To understand why, you should know the benefits of advertising billboards are so that you can truly appreciate these wonderful advertisers can do for you.

They are cost-effective

Some people think of billboards as being very expensive to install. It is true as well. There is no way around it. One billboard can cost you as much as $ 1,000 monthly. If you think that is expensive, think again. Billboards are produced only once. That means you want to pay for creating a billboard is just a one-time fee you do not have to pay again. True, the monthly fee for having billboards displayed is quite expensive, but you get a lot of good things instead of

Compare that with a newspaper ad :. You have to pay approximately the same exact amount just to have your ad posted in their classifieds, and you have to constantly keep it in a few weeks or so little effect while you can find billboards effect on your business almost instantly.

Billboards can easily capture the attention of

Newspaper ads require a person to sift through pages to find this ad. Billboards, however, can simply attract attention by being there. One billboards placed strategically is as effective as hundreds of newspaper and TV ads. The best thing is, everyone can see them. Drivers, employees, students, these people can see the billboards when you start putting them on top of buildings and on the sides of the highway. They can not ignore them as well; whether they like it or not, there are billboards to be.

Well designed billboards can easily capture images of individuals as well. It all depends on the creative team to come up with it.

They are available around the clock

Unlike television that depend on the number of minutes paid and newspaper ads that depend on the amount of advertising space plays billboards are available around the clock. Anyone can see billboards any time. They are not taken down after a period of time passed, nor are they certain time limit. They are like advertisers who work 24 hours a day, without stops and no breaks. You can not even turn around billboards down as well. They are just there, speak their message in silence. You do not have to talk to them; all you have to do is just to watch them and see what they have to say to you through the design placed on billboards.


Print Advertising Vs Online Advertising


Online advertising has experienced such rapid growth that many well-known scientists are already predicting it will run into many billions of dollars in the near future. That certainly does not come as a surprise as users are constantly growing as well. In addition to a growing number of users, the old ones are spending more and more time browsing the net. Implementation of these numbers can run into staggering amounts are enough to encourage any entrepreneur to expose his company on the web. This situation will certainly have a major impact on traditional print and media advertising. Print advertising against online advertising is a problem that many companies are now facing.

There are thousands of budding businessmen and women who are internet savvy. Run their business on the web is a logical step as this lucrative opportunity is simply too good to pass. Advertising development has clearly shifted from traditional media to online. With the economy in a downturn situation as it is, studies have shown that large companies are seriously cut down on print advertising. Online option has proven effective profit wise. The prospect of increased sales and efficiency of online advertising has also given many new hope of prosperity.

This is because there are numerous benefits involved when buying online. Stressful situations such as congested traffic, looking for parking and long queues can be avoided. To top it all can be done in the comfort and safety of your home. There are disadvantages as well. Misleading ads that promote inferior products is a huge problem. The best way to avoid becoming a victim is to use its reputed dealers with secure Web sites.

While online marketing is increasing the power of print ads should certainly not be underestimated. Traditional brochure or flyer can in some cases be much more effective than online counterpart. The old methods can not be written off as easily or completely for that matter. Postcards and pilot marketing target neighborhoods can be very rewarding. This is a huge advantage that print advertising has over online advertising. Full-color brochures work wonderfully in meetings and events. There are quite a few customers who do not have access to the World Wide Web. Send out leaflets to current keeps them in touch with events in business. Another area where it is advisable to use brochures would be on cold calling.

With print media specific areas of the business can get mail and ensuring maximum revenues. Marketers can make constructive use both options to make it work in their favor. Depending on the type of business, careful budget planning that covers all aspects of marketing strategies should. In this way you will not miss out and reap the highest benefit of the market. This is after all the marketing success stories are all about; skill and cost-effective advertising campaigns.


Marketing and Advertising – similarities and differences


Small business owners tend to confuse marketing and advertising the same. Advertising is a very important part of marketing, but not the same. Marketing is the process of creating customers interested in products and services. Marketing generates policies that runs sales techniques, business communication and business. Marketing is all packaged and advertising part.

Advertising is an important part of marketing strategy and probably the most expensive. Advertising is about sending a message about the company, its products and services. Ads are also putting together a series of methods to target audiences and motivating them to become customers. Advertising includes placing ads, deciding what media use, frequency and time the ad appears. Different types of media are used to distribute advertising. TV, direct mail, newspaper, Internet, email, radio, magazines, text messages, flyers, billboards, etc. are among the different media that distribute advertising. Different media for different companies, not all the media for everyone.

Advertising is simply part of the marketing mix. Other parts are the product research, design, media planning, public relations, product pricing, customer satisfaction, customer support, and the list goes on and on. All these factors work independently, but they work to achieve the goals and targets set by the company, selling products or services, and build a reputation. Advertising alone will not be effective and copying what others are doing will certainly fail. What works for some does not necessarily mean it will work for others.

Advertising is not binding if proper investigation was not followed. The study is an understanding of the needs and expectations of customers. The design of the product is available and can be time consuming. Continuation of the advertising and sales. Marketing puts everything together as it creates strategies to succeed.

Advertising can be very expensive and worthless if not done correctly and if significant steps are not followed. Branding is important, but the logo does not guarantee sales, logo represents the values ​​and reputation of the company and it takes time to build up and be recognized. Small business owners to first invest time and money to know their customers, to find out their expectations and teaching. After getting to know their customers and build hard database that should be involved in advertising and promoting their products and services. A complete marketing campaign will in this way to be successful and generate sales.


Different Types of Ads


The purpose of advertising is to promote a product or service in order to increase sales and create brand products so that customer loyalty base will be established. Without effective and targeted advertising, a business can not succeed. There are many types of advertising companies can take in an effort to boost their sales

The following lists a number of types of advertising available to companies :.

TV and radio

Since television was first introduced, companies have had tremendous success with it as an advertising medium. This is because the increase of consumers watching TV. The cost of television depends on the time of day or night one advertises, the popularity of the television show (how many audience) and the length of the commercial. Television advertising can reach millions of people. Radio advertising is a traditional advertising format that uses voice and jingles.


This includes newspapers, magazines, flyers, brochures..etc. Placing ads in magazines and newspapers is the age old method of advertising. Newspapers and magazines sell advertising space. Price depends on the location, size, graphics and colors. Advertising success often depends on the number of subscribers. Print advertising allows companies to target a specific demographic. Fliers and brochures are a good way to promote sales and launch special programs for product promotion.

Internet Advertising

Online advertising consists of small ads, banner ads, text ads, video ads, pay-per -click ads and reciprocal linking to other websites. The success of online advertising depends on exposure and how many people actually view the ads. Internet Advertising enables advertisers to track how many times your ad gets (how many people see it), and how many visits a company website is receiving from certain advertising, making it simple to find out what kind of conversion rates advertisers are getting. Online advertising does not have any time restrictions and can be viewed day and night around the world. Companies also have their own websites as an advertising tool. Well-designed and well presented website can provide home customers.

Out-of-Home Advertising

This can include digital signage, billboards, kiosks, trade shows and out-of -home advertising. This is advertising that takes place outside the home of a client. This form of advertising has become very popular because it provides a new way to reach your target customers. Billboards, kiosks and trade shows have been extremely successful advertising tools because you can take your product or service directly to consumers. Digital signage is a new method of advertising that is growing in popularity. Digital signage is where monitors / plasma TVs are placed in strategic locations and publish the advertising is targeted clients. Digital signs can deliver messages in the form of text and digital video. Advertisers have the ability to up-date content from a remote location. You can find a digital signal in such places as sports arenas, stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, schools … etc

Regardless of the economy, companies have to keep advertising to be successful. Because of a variety of advertising methods now available, companies now have the ability to reach their target customers at very affordable prices.


Advertising Results, How to measure your success!


Advertising Effectiveness, how to measure it

Henry Ford, along with many other people, is credited with saying, “I know that half of my ad is working, I just do not know which half. “

Regardless of who said it, it is true. If you talk to enough advertisers, you will find some interesting ways to track advertising. I have listed two.

Ask people how they heard about you. My problem with that plan is what makes people feel like you are much more interested in finding out how they heard about you then help them. They did not come into the store to tell you how your ads are working.

Add coupon or “special offer” My problem with the plan is that the test does not offer advertising website. Invite people to be free $ 100 dollar bills and you’ll get a much better response to the 10% discount offer.

Here’s the thing, you have to invest to advertise your business. If you’re fanatical about measuring the investment, you can not profit from the results of your advertising.

So what do you do? Measuring these four aspects of your business

Store Traffic (How many people were in the store)

conditions. (Sunny vs Rain – Cold vs Hot – Dry vs Precipitation)

There you are advertising / Offer

server to be advertised

When you measure all these, you get complete picture of reality.

If store traffic is up and sales are down, this is not an advertising problem. It could be the price, staff, inventory, etc.

If store traffic is down and sales are up, you have to applaud the team behind.

I once worked with a client who bought a fifteen-minute radio program for 26 weeks. When talking to him about the renewal of his contract, he told me that no one had mentioned the program. After further analysis, he told me that their company had taken up significantly. When I asked what he was doing differently uptick in business, he just our program.

It was like a light bulb came after further review he remained on the agenda. If he had measured traffic, weather, What you are advertising, and the media, he would have known that it was going very well for him.

Be consistent

This needs to be part of the culture. Measure the effectiveness of your ads are only part of the benefits. You can organize staff, understand the best time to have a sale, look for educational for your team. Remember that you can not manage what you can not measure.

Do not make a major decision based on minor measurements

Emotional decisions are dangerous at best. Do not make long-term decisions based on short-term performance, seek development. Remember, this may not be advertising the case, it could be staff, goods, weather, etc.

Advertising takes commitment. Do you have it?