Advertising and PR


What’s the difference between advertising and PR?

Advertising and PR are two different functions, however, many companies do not know the difference. Since spending budget advertising and PR budget effectively is important, how can you expect to achieve this important goal, unless you understand the difference?

when thinking about advertising, billboards, glossy spreads, quarter page newspaper ads and other highly visible promotion comes to mind. This is clearly advertising. Mixed or create well-recognized presence for your business is a clear example of effective advertising. Business cards with pizzazz are a form of advertising.

What is PR? Public relations are the things that must be accomplished to let the world know who you are and what your company offers. Press releases, news conferences, professional networking and exhibitions or trade shows are examples of PR work. PR is not as pronounced as advertising, but it is just as important.

Effective Advertising and PR

In a competitive market today, it is important to remove all advertising and PR budget applied. Public relations are a mix that uses advertising, but also enhances the efforts of advertising dollars.

It has long been “designed fact” of the company that word of mouth is the best advertising. This is not necessarily true. It is an unfortunate fact that a client who has excellent experience dealing with your company will tell one or two people about their experiences. A customer who has a bad experience will tell at least a dozen people and business gets negative advertising.

Word of mouth is, however, one of the most effective PR tools available. Others offer schools, strengthen science fairs or children’s’ sports teams, volunteer opportunities for public speaking, attending trade shows or presenting at conferences are relatively inexpensive ways to build a lot of good will and put your name out front.

Have you noticed that TV commercials for products often run 15 to 30 second ads really great ad and within a few weeks shorten ad to the most important 5 to 10 seconds? The reason is that the original advertising is intended to branded goods or services and affiliate advertising and product or service in mind. It works very well -. If you really memorable commercial


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