Advertising Effectively – Using Context with Promotional Products


No matter what marketing is hoped, by using the concept of continuity can help you to meet your goals. Remember, the more times a person is exposed to your marketing message, the more likely they are to be affected by it. When business continuity of its images, brands, advertising messages and public announcements and recalls his work. Even if you are the owner of a small business, employing continuity can increase your customer loyalty, sales and popularity. What are your business needs? Do you want to attract new customers? Are you interested in more sales? Do you want to develop brand recognition? Want to attract more visitors to your web site? Want to increase your office or trade show traffic? What types of clients are you attracting now? Who do you want to attract to your business? Working with the idea of ​​continuity under the guidance of consultant presentations and incorporate it into your marketing plan.


One basic method to use business continuity is to show the client or employee appreciation. Send out promotional items and gifts in different seasons, but make sure the gifts are related to each other in some way. Of course, each promotional gift should be adjusted, labeled with your company name and contact information, or a special message. Giving such objects to honor gratitude helps and maintain your business’ positive image.

for your supervisors open a new upscale fitness center, a company could send some useful promotional gifts at various intervals. For example, supervisors could be recipients of personalized towels, sports water bottles, and a duffel bag.

It is important to develop the theme and give away items related to the overall idea. Themes can really add to the success of the promotional campaign. If you are struggling for ideas, consult the help of professional presentations for their assistance.

Build Stability

We work in the labor market with many questions looming. What jobs will be around tomorrow? What are the projected budget cuts for next year? Which will still have a job? With certain institutions, these factors are out of our control. However, as a leader in your own business, you can help bring a sense of security and stability.

Install programs like teacher of the month, employee of the year, and weekly sales award winners and give away products that show continuity. There a number of ways to recognize people and make them feel comfortable and sure in their position. Often these awards are a simple and cost very little, but satisfaction from earning the honor is priceless. In addition to these ideas, long-term high-wage programs can also be very effective and can encourage staff to win points that work toward achieving large prizes, such as trips, equipment and technology.

Continuity is everywhere

We’ve all been continuity programs as consumers. In fact, many of us participate and enjoy such programs without knowing it. We subscribe to the book and movie clubs. We compared the frequent-flyer miles. We save label working prizes. We use customer cards on file for rates. These are all examples of continuity campaigns. It includes rewards and back with loyalty to the same company for the benefits.

From large corporations to local small businesses, successful business leaders know that continuity works. Look at McDonalds monopoly game. When customers buy certain sizes of food, they get a Monopoly game pieces. These works correspond Monopoly board McDonalds. Whether a client exposes Boardwalk, Park Place, or B & O Railroad is completely random, but the public seems to enjoy participating in this game with hopes of winning the big prize. Companies in McDonald increases sales, increases customer loyalty, and creates new customers each time they repeat Monopoly campaign.

Whether marketing goals are to show a client or employee appreciation, foster company loyalty, increase brand recognition, or build community within your organization, continuity is a concept that can work for you. The basic principle is as simple as this: The more we are exposed to your marketing message, the more likely we are to remember it. How have continuity worked for you in the past? How do you use this tool? How do you see it improving other areas of marketing? A professional promotional consultant is available now to assist you in implementing continuity in the advertising process.


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