Advertising on White Vans is an inexpensive way to promote your business


Outdoor advertising is nothing new. Billboards have been a familiar sight along British roads and in cities for decades now. Modern ones can even turn the ads electronically.

Advertisers are always on the lookout for new and innovative opportunities in outdoor advertising. That’s why white van ads, but the potential to become a real success story for those who take the plunge with them.

British roads have millions of cars, trucks, buses and vans that are all rolling this way and that to go somewhere every day. Of all the vehicles to be seen that it is ubiquitous white van which is arguably the most common. They seem to be everywhere, and they are too. Businesses of all sizes, large and small, have white vans. They travel millions of miles each year. Here lies a great opportunity.

It is true that many white vans Britain already van ads on them. Usually livery company logo and name with perhaps some information about him. It is usually not very focused advertising, if in fact it is possible to call advertising at all. It is a passive way of saying: “We are here” It may take a few customers, but no real income at the end of the day. There is a better way though.

White vans that carry no advertising or business information can now compare the ads and get paid to do it as well. For small businesses this is a real win-win situation. They get normal use their van, but they now have a monthly income coming in to cover the cost of running the van. Van advertising in this way seems so obvious when you think about it.

The secret to how this is so you can easily passing van wraps. This technology was first used in 1990. The first vehicle to be wrapped with ads was actually a bus, but the same principle applies to all vehicles.

A thin film of vinyl that has a computer-generated graphics printed on it is packed into the van body in such a tight fitting and clinging to the way it appears to be part of the body paintwork.

Effects van advertising through van wrap is simply amazing. It can transform an ordinary white van in specialized mobile outdoor advertising platform in place, it is possible to make money for everyone involved, too.

Perhaps it is best to van wrap advertising the fact that tissue can be removed quite easily too. It should not affect the paintwork in any way, so that the van be just another white van, or one waiting to be converted back with someone else’s advertising wrap.

Anyone who has seen the van ads on their best van graphics wraps can not fail to be impressed. Long gone are the days when visual advertising vehicles was limited to the undoubted skills sign writer. Now the whole world of the computer on hand and the only real limit is imagination designer and they are getting better all the time too.


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