Advertising Post-Testing


The projective techniques are used to overcome obstacles rationality, logicality and courtesy, often play an important role in the case of direct questioning. In direct questioning people often tend to give politically correct answers that are considered appropriate by many. Also, they try not to hurt research and thus avoid negative responses. If projective techniques, an indirect method is adopted. Instead of asking questions, respondents are the different tests. Including organizations test, sentence completion test and thematic appreciation test.

Association test attempts to get an immediate response to stimuli so to get an immediate response to stimuli such as a word or picture by asking the respondent to say the first thing that comes to his mind.

Sentence completed tests are an extension of the connection test. Here respondents are given inadequate use of test pictures, which are displayed respondents. They are asked to tell stories about the pictures. These descriptions and interpretations are analyzed to find out about attitude.

depth interview respondent is first put at ease by the investigator as he tries to build a rapport with respondents. Then ask leading or probing questions to bring out the underlying subconscious his reaction to brand or organization listed. The questions are never structures and interview is always conducted in a free and cordial manner. Flexibility and freeness brings out many facts. Normally hidden under the conscious mind of the respondent? Depth interview to be conducted by specialized and trained psychologists to be able to fully explore the attitudes of respondents.

One often face the problem of artificiality a while conducting pre-test. This problem is easily overcome by the test. Post-test trying to measure the actual value of real advertisements in real situations. This is a more practical approach to measure the performance of the car mat advertisements. Different models are made as part of the post-test advertising. Whatever purpose mat car commercial, the first work is to be seen, read or heard. Every commercial uses some ways or another to get attention and keep it. Here comes the first major obstacle recognition. This is simply a matter of defining ad that one has seen before. Recognition is a necessary condition for effective advertising. If advertising can not pass this barrier, it will probably not be effective. Recognition tests are typically used to print advertising.

While many types of recognition have been designed for car mats advertising. The starch recognition test sent a newspaper or magazine respondents and then sends interviews to conduct tests. Starch tests usually finds a recognition rate of the various aspects of advertising such as optical or image, title, logo, body copy, color, size, shape, etc.


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