Advertising – Summary


The rule of advertising is to keep it short and simple, but effective. It can be summarized as follows.

‘show, do not tell’

This means that too much exposure to the target audience can cause problems for your campaign and can have a serious impact on the intended purpose.

Anatomy Of news conference

“It is much easier to write a speech about good advertising than it is to write a good ad. – Leo Burnett

Press ad can be replaced as follows:

• Headline

• Visual

• Text / body copy

• Logo

• Base / punch line

(above may be black & white or color with or without borders (bleeding).)

‘Ads are the cave art of the 20th century “- Marshall McLuhan (1993)

‘A picture speaks a thousand words “

Logo – Greek word – stands for the spirit, culture and purpose company

TYPE / Ad Category

• Industrial – engineering / OEM

• Corporate – co. picture

• Public service – AIDS / anti pollution / Health / family welfare

• Financial – loans / fin. Schemes / insurance

• Public Issues – IPO

• classified – Sale / Wanted / matrimonial / to let

• Consumer sensitive – soaps / drinks / Eatables

• Teaser

• Cartoon Strip – generally for baby products

• Consumer durable – white goods / brown goods

• Promotions – increasing sales / clear stock / offers / discounts

• Souvenier – for example, rock concert to raise funds

• advertorial – advertising message printed in the form of editorial

• Direct response – have direct feedback from readers (such as coupons)

• Launch – a new product / service / branch

• Buried offers – see if people notice ad

Creative Strategies

• Reference – use famous people to testify product

• Lifestyle – lifestyle is used as the main appeal

• Problem – solution – before and after comparison

Agency Short & Advertising Strategy

Establishment press has all the raw material organization needs to work out a sound strategy


Agency Short client ——–> Advertising Strategy (long / short)

Advertising strategy meets the objectives of advertising

Agency Short satisfy marketing goals & it contains information about:

• Company

• Product

• Marketing strategy

• Marketing Targets

• Sales Policy

• Total goals

• Management Policy

• Competition

• Customers

• Future plans

All the details in the Press Agency in the light of the company. Company organization is to view it from the standpoint of consumers, thereby laying the foundation for advertising strategy.

Setting Advertising Strategy

Advertising policy decides

Sr. mgr. + Creative + Media & A / C planning + Research wing = Team Work

Written Advertising Plan includes:

• Declaration advertising goal

• Written advertising strategy

• Product Positioning statement

• The list of reasons to buy

• Creative Drawing

Advertising strategy

• “What will advertising messages

• ‘How’ it should say (press / tv / film / radio etc.)

• Who ‘subject matter

• Analysis of consumer behavior and attitudes to product

• thoughts were that future brands

• Find a positioning for the brand

• Think of ways to overcome or eliminate advertising strategy of competitors

• set the basics for media policy

• Decide on a budget

• Do what research, if any, to be carried out

• Work out a timetable for advertising

Creative Brief & Strategy

Advertising strategy ————–> Creative best to copy / Art team

Creative brief

Says Product / competition / market / consumer profile / marketing goals / advertising goal

Advertising Task

• Brand visibility

• Use

• Promotion

• New brand awareness

• Repeat usage

• Educate

• Explain new concept

‘The consumer is not a moron, she is your wife “- David Ogilvy

Setting creative direction

• Problem assessment

Creative strategy

• Target

• Brand positioning

• Image

• tone of voice

• Recommendation

• Research


eg toothpaste

• Target audience – men / women / children middle income group living in metros

• Whom to address – the decision maker – female

• What are the upper / hidden influencers – children

for peppermint toothpaste target audience are children. The flavor will appeal kids, which in turn will influence / pressure their mothers to buy peppermint flavored toothpaste.

“There is no such thing as Mass mind. The mass audience is made up of individuals and good advertising is written from person to person. When it is intended to millions, it moves rarely anyone’s – Fairfax Cone (Foote, Cone & Belding)

tone of voice

• It is important to design communication messages

• Visual should echo the same tone of voice

• Depending on how you want to send the message

o Joyfull

o Fear

o Instruction

o Cape etc.

Suppose you are PM & War. How would you send it to you:

• Son

• Wife

• Citizens

• US President

(this shows the tone of voice depends on the message & audience)

Brand Image

Image – The perception of others about me

Personality – what I am

Brand image leads to Brand personification

(what consumers think you are & what you look like or how they imagine)

pure perception or impression

The proposition

Rosser Reeves coined the term USP in his book “Reality in Advertising” in 1970

proposition = Consumer benefits + reason ‘why ‘- Alyque Padamsee

eg Pears soap keeps your skin as soft and smooth as a child because it contains pure glycerin

the proposition for Pears soap = soft skin (benefit) + glycerol ( reason)

Lux soap ad. ‘Beauty soap of the film stars ”

• Close up of a beautiful movie star

• Soap image

• The headline is the testimony of a star

• Baseline – “beauty soap of the film stars’ & signed by the star

Consumer perception

Lux soap immediately produce a movie star appearance in even the plainest face.

Brand Positioning Statement

• What you want people to think of the brand

You need to know the 3 P to develop brand positioning statement:

• Product

o Does it fill a specific need / desire

o Are most users happy

o Is it exclusive features

o Is it located right

• Outlook

o Demographics

• Men / Women / Children

• Young / middle aged / old

• Rich / poor / Average

o Where they live

o Theatre in reading / TV / Radio

o What do they know about the brand

• Purchase

o Where they buy products from

o seasonal or special occasion purchase

o the put or impulsive

o How is the price compared to the competition

Brand Positioning

– Cadillac quality car

– Volvo car safe

– McDonald burger place

– Dominos instant delivery pizza

– AT & T telephone company

– Xerox photocopying the company

From proposition that title

• Be clear

• Be simple

• The headline should compliment sight

• Be imaginative

• Heading Baseline + + Visual – should reflect the proposition

Headline + + Visual Baseline = 90%; Body Copy = 10%

• Keep land to sea ratio


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