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Subliminal advertising is a relatively old concept in marketing, but one that we should be aware of. This is because it is actually a very powerful form of promotion and has taken on new dimensions lately. It makes use of visitors and potential buyers who are already in the store or on your website and encourage them to buy more.

What exactly is subliminal advertising? It is a secret form of marketing to people who may not be aware they are marketed well. The definition is the use of sights and sounds to get through to people without them realizing it. Some would call this subtle form of brain washing. This is because it touches our subconscious mind and encourages us to buy without the rational conscious brain saying “keep you really need this?”

There are several ways that this form of advertising is new

Music: this has been going on in stores for years. Upbeat music is always playing in malls to put potential customers in a good mood and encourage them to buy. Happy people are more likely to buy than sad ones

Restaurants usually play restful or pop music that makes the customer feel relaxed and comfortable in their establishments

Visual: .. Website promotion, or store promotions are both prime examples. If the website or store look closely you will definitely be and will be in a good mood to buy. Video of the most popular foods will help you to buy more of these items when you shop at the store. You can see this done in Walmart

Dimensions :. Videos on the web are becoming very popular and take the reader as soon as they come to the website. They appeal to the eyes and ears and subtly say “buy, buy, buy,” even if the pocket book and justified sense say “hold.” Online salespeople will have special scripts to upsell to the customer and make them buy more, even if they really do not want to do it.

So-called doctors and professionals recommend all kinds of drugs and related products. The fact that a doctor recommends it makes a good impression on potential customers and lulls them into thinking that drugs or related products will actually help them. Many companies are hiring agents to drop a good word about their products so positive viral campaign is set up. False voice messages are sent to voice mail boxes people on their phones to give a false positive on the product

written word :. Many products come with celebrity endorsements and “as seen on TV” suggestions. This has the same effect as a physician referral.

The Internet: unseen spy shaped cookies dropped in your browser with the company will reveal information about you that can be used as advertising

More devious ways Subliminal marketing are fake tourists on the streets. show fancy photography or telephone gear. In sports there will always be some products seeders looking for players to show the company’s products. Fake news of politics, Miracle products and drugs are seeping into our news programs. Even the government has jumped on the bandwagon and are selling policies that they want voters to support through news programs.

As you can see there are many ways that companies use subliminal advertising. If we do not want to get trapped into buying things we do not want, we should be aware of this.


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