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Advertising has become an important factor for a company that you might not consider ignore to succeed in the market. The success of any product or service in the market depends on the campaigns carried out by the owner. With the advancement of technology there are various methods that have been established for advertising. There are a variety of outdoor advertising media available to catch the eyes of thousands of people. This opportunity to promote products and services on the market have been oppressed by various companies and brands. There are many places that can be used for outdoor advertising through hoardings, banner stands, mesh banners, exhibition graphics, trade show displays and many other portable display. Outdoor advertising can be done on the roads, buildings, sidewalks and as building wraps. Generally the hoardings are used to display large graphics to the people; they can differ in appearance, size, shape and material. It is a fact that large size hoardings cost much higher than usual and medium size, but at the same time huge hoardings give you better exposure than conventional advertising.

The print advertising is used effectively to create the effect of the masses; it includes newspapers, magazines, printed stickers, flyers, brochures, posters, banners and much more. But the only drawback to using print advertising is that it can handle only educated audience. Although there are a great number of people who read newspapers, or simply look at advertising, the laser serves to promote products and services. The style outdoor advertising is through special effects as relieve different parts to identify and make it prominent guests in a nutshell. Neon show stands looks very attractive in the dark and thus creates a large influence of discontent and causing them to look for more product information. Another type is offset printing, which is used for indoor purposes only. Offset posters are small in size and could create problems as color fading, wear and tear. The hoardings and other printed materials are made available in various sizes, shapes, patterns, colors and materials. They are also customized as per the needs and requirements of the customer

The other medium for advertising through radio, internet and television. which is used to promote products and services. You have to buy a certain period where the ad will take place. Each channel comes up with different terns and conditions, you have to look before you sign up. Advertising through radio older way to promote products, services and businesses. It covers almost every individual, whether literate or illiterate people. Web ads are used fast pace and that’s why most of the business people focus more on getting an online presence. The presentation can be done through a pop-up banners, display graphics, logo design, website design and a variety of other ways.


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