Honesty in advertising


There is a famous story about a guy who was going broke even running an ad that said:

We are going to go bankrupt. We need to sell our gear because otherwise we will be out of business. Help!

There is another story in which bedding retailer put badges incorrectly on his bed, and said, “our space is a discount because of our logo was placed on the wrong way”

And these ads worked as gangbusters. Interestingly enough, I have used similar “integrity-based approach” with two of bedding retailer my clients, Dial bed in Queensland and Bedding Super Store in Perth. And they won.

What’s more, they would work for almost any retail trade.

So here’s the thing …

If you can not come up with an advertising concept.

If you can not come up with a clever idea.

If you’re stuck for creativity.

Just trying to be honest.

crisis is hurting our sales.

We need to get rid of our stock will receive new shares.

We are going to go broke if we do not use this stock.

Tell them the true story.

And while you’re at it, be honest to you, because people love to know the story and connect you to a human level. Tell them you’re struggling. Or why you got into the business in the first place. Or how much you want to make money so you can take the kids on vacation and that’s why you’re doing this crazy offer.

or whatever. And it will not just work for retailers …

If you are a hairdresser, tell them you have to paint the walls to freshen it up a bit … so you have to keep special to make it happen sooner rather than later.

If you are a martial arts teacher, tell everyone that you were bullied at school and that’s what motivated you to get into the industry.

if you Re mechanic, explain that you need to buy a new machine that can allow you to get work done faster, faster and better … and you are holding special to bring in new money.


The weird things is that when you are honest in your advertising, you’re also often very original, because no one else is doing it.

Zig when everyone else is zagging. That’s the key.


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