Social & economic impact Ads


In recent times, the word ‘Advertising’ has become fiercely mooted topic. Advertising has positive and negative, social and economic impact on our society. Based ads that common good is a positive social impact while exposing women sex tool is on the negative side. As far as economic factors of funding for the media and stimulate active and market trends, the main example.

mixed methods are implemented convince consumers that they want the product being advertised. These methods usually pay attention to the benefits that would be brought to consumers rather than focusing on the actual goods. For example, automobile commercial adverting mechanical properties of the vehicle, probably focuses joy, reputation and social development can bring to the buyer. This swarming progress is regularly sexual or involves the opposite sex to attract consumers with glamorous women / men fancy car.

There are various teaches advertising causes a negative social impact on life. The chief unfavorable judgment for advertising is that it Hales public to buy things they do not really want them. It is arrogated advertising plays with emotion and encourages people to think about buying and spending activities are life.

According to advertisers, they state that people are capable enough to put their minds and no one can force them to buy anything they dislike or they think is not necessary. Advertisers also believe that there are positive effects of advertising on our society and culture. For example, can be used to generate public awareness, as well as the product is OK, or that they should say NO. In other words, advertising also works as a teacher in the sense that it educates people what is good and what is bad for them and sets a maximum of harmful products such as smoking and drinking, etc.

There are not only social benefits of advertising, but it also has economic advantages. Without advertising, the media, including newspapers, TV and radio would never be much strong. Advertising provides income in the commercial media, which otherwise would have to be financed by the actual consumers of these media. So we can see a major economic structure based around advertising, where big companies fund and subsidize commercial media by advertising.

The major economic negative aspect of advertising is that it increases the price of goods and services. The source of this controversy is that when organizations subsidize media advertising, the buyer, subsidize ads with salaries of highly increased prices for the widely advertised goods and services. Easy example of this is the box of Omo detergent usually costs about two to three dollars than the market price of the product would be seven to eight dollars. The fact behind this is that after the ratio is high in television commercials and print media.

So, the effect of advertising on our society is a jumble form, post-operative and made numerous campaigns. Our community and the marketing of products goes very badly on advertising. The companies have become much dependent on advertising even its negative impact can not be more than many positive social and economic impact.


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