The Definition Advertising


What is advertising?

It is difficult to find adequate definition of advertising .

A beautiful way to put it is to call it business imagination, imagination who sees a product options that can be realized only by appealing to the public in new ways to create desire where none before. It is a very broad word that, everything dissemination of different ideas to different people.

No ads definition here is possible unless this whole thing may be accepted definition. So fast has Ads advanced through the various changes that even the latest dictionaries and encyclopedias are outdated in their attempts to define it. The advertising of yesterday is not advertising today. Men not so very old has witnessed all its development from untrustworthy tools quacks place the machine in the implementation and expansion of the business.

Advertising in the dictionary sense has a history as old as that of mankind. Just as soon as there was enough people in the world, some sort of formal announcement had to do. The early history of such reports – from the field to start the pictorial and lettered inscriptions, from these primitive posters to the discovery of printing, and since the advent of the printing beginning of real advertising – is of interest only to the archaeologist. There is no value to the business entrepreneur. There was no help in understanding modern advertising than ancient Phoenicians coins would be to comprehending the principles of modern banking.

Any effort to ensure the sale of goods or services is advertising. Merchandise primitive merchant displayed invitingly in front of his shop to advertise. A want ad, to secure a job or an employee, is advertising. Inscription on the wall, Barker front side show, which promises internet market, the announcement of a new online technology, membership in an affiliate program, wearing a distinctive shirt or prominent stickers in the car – these are all forms of advertising in that they seek to draw attention to a product or services for sale. For product or services of general use, rich and poor, high and low, men, women and even children, should be referred to.

At least one principle that we know of, is stable, not eroding with the passing of time or use, or abuse of men, not concerned about the weather outside, nor consider personal health, or take into account the surrounding circumstances , and it is you have to keep doing it, it needs to be fed, no way around it, it keeps asking for every ounce of commitment if you expect any visible again.

What an appropriate definition of advertising is, one is doing, it is because it has been . And every second year since the beginning of human entrepreneurship it has left precious deposit their new ideas, better approaches, bigger and faster performance, and the promise of even greater growth.


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